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Overall it has been a very rewarding experience to read all of these different opinions on the subject and combine them with many of the opinions that I already held on the matter. Hopefully my blog posts have shown you that there is no sign of the women in gaming trend slowing down and that this is a very positive thing for everybody. For huge and important reasons like the positive impact it will have on the US and the world’s economies to small and personal reasons like just men and women having more things in common. I hope to remain involved with everything pertaining to gaming and pertaining to women and gaming and hopefully I have convinced a few of the girls in the class who have read this to pick up a controller or go visit the app store. Gaming has been around forever and has evolved from games like “Mancala” in the Pacific Southeast to “World of Warcraft” where people from Minnesota are in the same clan as people from the Ukraine. That being said I think even if we wanted to deny the impact gaming has had on our culture we couldn’t; so we might as well embrace it and realise that it is broadening our horizons and making the world a better place to be.