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Throughout this semester, reading all of these articles online and posting to my blog I have been bombarded by tons of differing viewpoints on women in gaming and women and gaming in general. I have read that social media and social gaming is just an outlet for all of the things that women already loved to do and had inside them but just couldn’t because there was no outlet for them to do so. I have also read that women are only playing social games so much to get rid of all of the stress in their lives because women are incapable of handling stress in as efficient a manner as men are. I have also read that women are only playing social games because they would rather be playing games on gaming consoles but the portrayals of women and the gender stereotypes on console games have driven them to social gaming. While I started out making this blog as a way to research social media’s role in gaming amongst women, I have found that it is rather narrow to just discuss social gaming and what has caused such an upsurge among women. I have found that there are many different factors that may play into women playing games either online or on a playstation, as well as many different factors that have led to women’s unbelievable amount of buying power and also why women are so drawn to social media and make up the majority of users on all social media sites.